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Skin Preparation Instructions:

Here at KALITANS we recommend competitors tan the day before the competition and the day of the competition. We give you 2 coats for each application to make sure you are stage appropriate because we know that stage lighting does lighten you up. Once at the venue, you can meet us backstage for touch ups, bikini bite, and tattoo covering if needed.


   For best results, start gently exfoliating your entire body (do not harshly scrub) and moisturize every day of the week for a week, before your appointment.  Don’t scrub hard because you will make tiny scratches on your skin and the color will adhere to those scratches and turn them really dark! We recommended using a loofah or exfoliating glove or exfoliating towel with a body wash and sugar scrub. Don’t use exfoliates with oils in them! Moisturize after your shower using Aveeno lotion. The better condition your skin is in, the better your tan will look and develop.

1.   When exfoliating, pay special attention to your knees, elbows, hands, feet and heels. The better condition your skin is in, the better the tanning product will absorb, the more flawless your tan will look, and you will have a more even fade after your competition.

2.   Shaving or waxing must be done 24 hours before your tanning appointment, never on the day of your tan.  For better muscle definition, it's best to shave all body hair. Never use any hair removal products as they leave a rash.

3.   Avoid using bandaids or any kind of pouches during the week of your exfoliation that has adhesive on it which will result in a darker spot after your spray tan.

*****Using a tanning bed or laying out in the sun to obtain a base tan can affect your spray tan by causing it to peel. We can only do our best to fix peeling skin, therefore it is best to avoid tanning beds and sunburns.

Day Of Getting Spray Tanned...DO NOT MOISTURIZE!!!

1.  GENTLY EXFOLIATE ONLY! Make sure to rinse off thoroughly.

2.  DO NOT put on any make-up, lotion, deodorant, perfume/cologne before or after your spray tan application. These products will affect your tan and the deodorant will turn your armpits and green! 

*****We will wipe off your nails after your tan application.

3.  Come to us with clean, dry skin wearing dark, loose fitting, or oversized clothing and flip flops. An oversized shirt and oversized drawstring (non-elastic) waistband style sweatpants or lounge pants are best because they glide over your skin and won't ruin the development of the bronzer. Avoid stiff fabrics!! Tops that “easily” pull OVER your head are best; button up tops are okay too. Do Not Wear Jeans, tight tank tops, tight dresses, tennis shoes or socks!

4. Women can be sprayed nude. If you have long hair, please remember to bring a tie back to keep hair off your      shoulders and neck, if you forget we will provide. We will provide a hair cap for you to wear as well.

5. Men may wear something smaller than their posing suit, if being sprayed nude is uncomfortable (depending on what category). For the best results, it is easier for us to spray without posing trunks bring a pair of sucks to cover the area. This is to prevent tan lines.

6. A typical 2-coat application spray tanning session takes about 10 minutes for the application and dry time. We will dry you until you are dry.

7. After your 1st tan has been applied, please plan to sleep in your loose, oversized clothing (long loose pants and a long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt top) until the morning. This will eliminate any hand marks or skin-on-skin contact on your body during sleep. DO NOT SLEEP NAKED OR IN SHORTS AND/OR TANK TOP!!!! Be somewhat conscious of where/how you position yourself. For example, you don’t want your palms to be tanned or handprints on your body so try to keep your hands away from your body. Try not to make skin-to-skin contact to avoid uneven markings, keep in mind that holding your arms in a bent position may create slight unevenness on the inner elbow. It will look like a white diamond shape.

8. After your first tan session, DO NOT put on any deodorant, moisturizers, perfume/cologne until AFTER you rinse off on show day. YOU WILL NOT RINSE OFF TILL AFTER THE SHOW.

**** These specific skin prep instructions are to ensure you receive a flawless tan for your competition. We compete too and know what a good competition tan is. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these instructions.


Post Tanning Info and Morning of Competition Tips

* Women, we will tan your face. please wipe your face well the following morning using a damp cloth or baby wipe. This will give you a clean face for makeup application and avoids a “dirty, ashy” look.

* Do not apply deodorant!!! Even after we have tanned you, your armpits will turn green until after you shower. Do not shower before the show is over unless you are instructed to do so by our staff. You can use baby wipes to freshen up private areas and dust body powder under your arms if necessary.

* Once backstage come for touch ups with your suit, bracelets… Etc

* If for some reason you have an unforeseen incident and your tan is excessively disrupted when you wake up  like excessive sweating, etc.) please contact us.  818-203-4558 or 818-918-7664

* On the day of the show you will get your second coat of spray tan early in the morning at the host hotel and then will have to tan according to who goes on stage first. 

* Ladies, make sure you are finished bending, stooping, sitting before you get bikini bite on your suit.

* Do your Pump-ups before coming to be glazed. Make sure to listen to the expediters so you know how to time yourself to be glazed and/or bikini bite applied. We will not be able to keep track of what class is going on stage at any given time, so please keep this in mind. DO NOT COME LAST MINUTE TO GET A TOUCH UP OR GLAZED.


*****After your competition, avoid all loofa/loofah gloves, pads and sponges when showering if you want to keep your tan.

So Here's The Break Down.....

APPOINTMENT #1 – First Competition Tan Before Day Of Competition

* Shower before your appointment! Any residue left on skin may act as a barrier between your skin and the DHA (the main ingredient that colors your skin).

* Come to your appointment with CLEAN SKIN. This means NO lotion, makeup, perfumes, deodorant, etc.

* After your session, be very careful around liquids. Any contact with water will cause marks/streaks to the tan.

* You may be sleeping in your tan so it is best to sleep in loose, long sleeve t-shirt and long loose pants. Be somewhat conscious of where/how you position yourself. For example, you don’t want your palms to be tanned or hand prints on your body so try to keep your hands away from your body. Try not to make skin to skin contact to avoid uneven markings, keep in mind that holding your arms in a bent position may create slight unevenness on the inner elbow. It will look like a white diamond shape. If sleeping with your tan on, make sure to rinse off in the morning but DON'T exfoliate or shave. You have already done that before your first tan and you don't want to streak your tan.

* Your face will be tanned during this session, unless you don't want it tan.



APPOINTMENT #2Your Competition Tan On The Day Of Your Competition

* Make sure your skin is clean and free of lotion, makeup, perfumes, deodorant, etc.

* This is the tan you will be walking on stage with.

* Be careful around liquids and going to the restroom.



You will get darker as the solution sets in to your skin and the hours  go by. For obvious reasons, you will not want to perspire or sweat after your appointments! Bring an umbrella if  there is a remote chance of rain! Plan your day accordingly. It is best to be completely covered when you sleep! You don’t know what you do in your sleep, so if you rest your hand on your stomach, etc, you will wake up with a brown hand and a hand print on your stomach. It is best to wear long, loose pants like pajama bottoms and a long sleeve pajama top to bed. Covered from wrist to ankle! If you are driving in a car, place a sheet over the seat to sit on it.


Find out at the meeting when you will be going on stage.  This will help me and you decide when to come see me for “touch ups” if needed. I will fix any little marks or mistakes you may have. You will look perfect when you leave to go to pre judging.  WATER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!!!! CAREFUL WHEN DRINKING IT OR WHEN NEAR A SINK OR TOILET!

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